Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong Wetland Park is a conservation ecotourism attraction comprising a 10,000m² visitor centre, Wetland Interactive World and an 150 acre Wetland Reserve. The design intention for the HVAC system is to seamlessly blend into the quiet and picturesque countryside environment. A 712TR geothermal ground source heat pump system was furnished for the entire theme park. Condenser water is extracted from the heat pumps and transported 50m below ground via 468 nos. vertical ground loops scattered underneath the landscape areas. This greatly enhances the aesthetic view and prevents acoustic problems in noise sensitive areas. The COP (coefficient of performance) of the geothermal system is higher in comparison with conventional air cooled systems.

Client Hong Kong Government
Architect Architectural Services Department
E&M Consultant Architectural Services Department
Contract Value HK$32M
Scope of Work MVAC Installation
(712TR geothermal system)

Ground loop installation

Aqua loop installation

Aqua loop installation

E&M Technical Profile

Ground source heat pump

Hall ductwork system

Geothermal Pump Room

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