Hong Kong Infectious Disease Centre Princess Margaret Hospital

The Infectious Disease Centre is fitted out with 108 isolation beds and a Level 3 bio-safety clinical laboratory.

100% fresh air supply with convertible return mode was adopted for all isolation wards and clinical areas. Under non-epidemic status, the system can be reset to recirculation mode for energy saving. For Level 3 laboratory and procedure room, 100% fresh air is supplied without re-circulation.

Directional airflow is maintained to control airflow pattern from clean to dirty areas. Positive pressure is maintained in nurse station and clean utility. All relatively dirty areas such as isolation room, toilet, bathroom and dirty utilities were set at negative pressure. Special air treatment equipment including HEPA filter, air purifier, UV sterilizer, bubble tight damper and bag in / bag out filter were provided.

Client HK Hospital Authority
Architect Architectural Services Department
E&M Consultant Architectural Services Department
Contract Value HK$67M
Scope of Work MVAC Installation
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