Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai Shopping Mall Renovation ( Phase 1 & 2)

Grand Gateway 66 has been a favourite retail destination located in the bustling Xuijahui shopping district of Shanghai since it opened in 1999. To stay competitive in the market, the shopping mall section undertook a massive transformation and renovation to adapt to contemporary demands. The renovation area is around 90,000m2. In order to suit structural modification and interior decoration requirements, all M&E major equipment and systems were upgraded and/or replaced.

The scale and complexity of this project was greater than the original construction requiring much more attention and flexibility. The mall also remained operational throughout the entire renovation process. Most of the work could only be done between the hours of 10 pm to 7 am ensuring the mall reopens daily.

Since the initial design drawings of the M&E system could not be fully correlated to actual site conditions, design review and adjustments according to precise and accurate feedback from site condition was crucial to the project. The high standard of accuracy in site investigation and fast response time to change orders from the Project Management team were crucial factors in the success of this renovation project.

Client Hang Lung Properties Ltd.
Architect AGC Design Ltd. and KPF (New York)
E&M Consultant Benchmark Ltd.
Contract Value RMB60M
Scope of Work HVAC Installation
Electrical, ELV and P&D Installation
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