EMSD Headquarters Hong Kong

The EMSD Headquarters adopted an under floor air conditioning displacement ventilation system to achieve better IAQ and acoustic performance in the office areas. Also unique and utilizing the latest technology, dual mode ammonia chillers were coupled with an ice storage system to generate ice at night time and chilled water in day time for energy conservation.

The ice was stored in five large ice storage tanks. During peak cooling load demand, the ice storage system transports slurry ice to the heat exchangers to transfer stored latent energy to the chilled water serving the entire building and thus reducing maximum demand charge and tariff for the building.

Client Electrical & Mechanical Services Department
Architect Architectural Services Department
E&M Consultant Architectural Services Department
Contract Value HK$105M
Scope of Work MVAC Installation

E&M Technical Profile

Ice Storage Tanks

Plant Room

Vehicle Exhaust System

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